About Music Practice

Welcome to Music in Practice, where we firmly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to unlock their full potential.

With a profound passion for music and a personal journey that began at the tender age of 5, I discovered the enchanting world of the violin through the renowned Suzuki method.

Dan and Eadaoin playing violin as little kids
Me and My Sister Playing Music when we were young

My love for this beautiful instrument grew, leading me to pursue formal training at the esteemed Royal Academy of Music, honing my skills and immersing myself in the captivating world of violin music.

At Music in Practice, we firmly advocate that learning to play a musical instrument lays the foundation for a remarkable voyage of self-discovery.

Did you know that the art of practicing, when approached correctly, cultivates deep focus and concentration like no other activity known to mankind?

Our heartfelt mission extends beyond the realm of music enthusiasts alone. We firmly believe that all parents, regardless of their musical background, possess the potential to enhance their children’s practice sessions, making them more enjoyable and focused.

Nothing brings us greater joy than helping you and your children experience the true essence of harmony and accomplishment through shared practice sessions.

Remember, when practice becomes enjoyable, success effortlessly follows!

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